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DAY 10

It's been a long day and you're all asleep next to a dying campfire off the side of a forested road. Oh, and something stinks.

You're all woken suddenly by the sound of crashing and breaking as one of your party comes running into camp yelling, “GET UP! THERE'SA WHOLE FUCKING BATTALION AFTER US!” You bolt upright out of your deep sleep into a sitting position and the first thing you notice by the light of campfire is two dead(?) humanoid bodies draped over and tied to two of your horses. By the looks of their clothing you'd guess that, if not royalty, these people were very well off…

You hear someone softly saying “Oh Shit….” without realizing it was you.

“You don't know the half of it,” says a deep throated, downright frightening voice from somewhere above and behind you.

You can't help but turn and look up too see the awesome weathered face of a Gargantuan Dragon who's staring you right in the eyes. “Remember our bargain boy; I don't suffer fools or betrayers lightly” it says in the most ominous voice you've ever heard yet it faintly reminds you of somebody from your distant past…

A sharp cracking sound pulls your attention back to the campfire, you're jumpy, it's understandable, this day's not starting out very well at all. When you look back at the Dragon the only thing that's there is a faint outline of its face in smoke which is quickly fading taking that nasty smell with it.


It's your move…


The Canton Incident

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